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Extra Root

Mandibular first molar. I often see an extra root in the mandibular first molar in the Asian population. I noticed that the extra root tends to be at the distolingual and often has a buccal apical acute curve. When it is at the distolingual it is called Radix Entomolaris. If it is on the buccal aspect, then it is called Radix Paramolais.

Case 1

Patient presented with pain at the # 19 area. Diagnosis was acute symptomatic apical periodontitis. Non-surgical retreatment was recommended and completed.
Pre-op PA radiograph
Post-Op radiograph

Case 2

Radix Entomolaris. Note the usual PDL of the distal root. When encountering images of this type, be suspicious of unusual anatomy and either take a CBCT to verify if take a mesial or distal shift shot radiograph.

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